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L´Annexe des SO

This website offers rankings, maps, reviews, etc, for virtual regattas.


The rankings are for boats without options (SO). No registration is required to appear in it. They are updated automatically every hour. The time of last update is indicated at the top left of the table.


You can search a boat in a ranking by using the search form. Uppercase and lowercase do not matter for research.


If the boat is found in the ranking, the corresponding page is displayed and the boat is selected in green (scroll down if you do not see it).


The information in the ranking are (from left to right):

- Ranking of boat class SO.

- Change in rank over the previous update.

- Ranking of the boat all categories.

- Name of the boat

- Distance remaining in miles or race time if the boat has arrived.

- Gap distance (or time) over the first SO boat.


With the small anchor you can access the summary page rankings of the boat.

Satellite maps

These maps show the position of all boats within the boundaries of the map. Boats with options (AO) are red and no options (SO) are green. If a SO boat and a AO boat are in the same position, the point will be green.

The maps are updated every hour.

The date and time of the map is shown in the bottom right.

You can search a boat in the last map online using the form below the map and also see the old maps with arrows.


In the "Archives" section, you can find all rankings, maps and other information from L'Annexe des SO.


The map "Skippers" indicates the location of site users.


You can support this site by donating a small amount. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Good luck to all !



Thanks to Vava, Aleta53 and Bergamo for translations.